Ziya from Tanzania

Ziya Neema was born in Tanzania and raised in the Caribbean. She has been bouncing around the globe creating art for the last 40 years. Her large scale mixed media canvases and industrial sculpture are inspired from her Afro- Caribbean upbringing. 


Ziya loves to do anything in the sea, trying to fly (she has a aerial silks and lyra hoop hanging in her kitchen) and adventuring around the island of Kauai where she currently resides with Captain Kerber (husband) and their newborn son, Zayn.


Since life with baby Zayn has curtailed the use of most power tools (nap time takes precedence), Ziya has decided to shelf the creation of large industrial sculpture for now and focus primarily on painting. She is currently working on writing and illustrating The Adventures of Ziya: An Illustrated Travelogue; a coming of age story that began when she left home at 17 to travel to China and the many escapades that ensued.